Timeline & Gantt

If projects become more complex, the timeline or Gantt view are perfect for visualising deadlines, milestones and dependencies.

Aufgaben in der Gantt-Ansicht mit Projektmanagement smenso
Timeline, Zeitstrahl in smenso

The Gantt chart

Table and Gantt: The perfect duo for complex projects

Gantt charts are one of the most common and effective methods of presenting activities in projects in a time-related manner without losing sight of the details. The parallel table including subtasks supports you in this.

Links: Task list

All tasks and subtasks are clearly presented in tabular form on the left-hand side.

Right: Timeline

The right-hand side represents grouping levels, tasks and subtasks as a bar chart.


Use the Gantt chart to record task dependencies and keep an eye on deadlines and dates.

Comprehensive filters

Use our powerful filter to display the Gantt view according to your needs. And save/share the views!

Central schedule

One central timeline, one truth that everyone can rely on!

The Timeline View

Your project management schedule

The timeline is a simplified visual representation of tasks and milestones in a project. All team members can see at a glance when tasks are due, what the dependencies are and who is responsible for what.

Timeline abhaengigkeiten smenso

Timetable for your project

The visual representation of tasks and milestones in a timeline makes the progress of the project visible at a glance. This makes it easier to keep the project on schedule and to react quickly to delays or bottlenecks if necessary.


Show task dependencies in the timeline and keep track of task due dates and deadlines.

Timeline Assistant

If things get tight, our assistant can help you with the optimal resolution of dependent tasks.


How busy are your team members? In the schedule you can check the workload of your employees and react.

All functions

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  • List view of the portfolio
  • Kanban board view of the portfolio
  • Timeline view of the portfolio
  • Project simulations
  • Budget and progress analysis
  • Monitor project phases
  • Status reports
  • Status report templates
  • Status dashboard
  • Progress monitoring
  • Team feedback gathering
  • Budget monitoring (plan vs. actual)
  • Maintaining planned and actual effort
  • Resource management and utilization
  • Risk management
  • Project templates
  • Activity log
  • Board view (Kanban)
  • List view
  • Timeline view
  • Portfolio timeline view
  • Gantt view
  • Resource utilization view
  • Widget views
  • Assign one or more individuals
  • Milestones
  • Subtasks
  • Checklists
  • File management
  • Bulk processing / Multiselect
  • Task templates
  • Activity log in tasks
  • Only me mode
  • All tasks list
  • Status reports
  • Status report templates
  • Status dashboard
  • Status history
  • Projected end date of the project
  • Partial status (dates, costs, objectives)
  • Request status updates
  • Additional statuses (Pending, Paused, Cancelled, Completed)
  • Comments on status updates
  • Custom fields
  • Calculated fields (formulas)
  • Custom workflows
  • Approval requests
  • Custom groupings
  • Custom filters
  • Manage teams
  • Relations and dependencies
  • Custom views
  • Shared views
  • Add comments
  • @mentions (users and user groups)
  • Email notifications
  • In-app notifications
  • Follow tasks or projects
  • Standard project dashboards
  • Custom project dashboards
  • Standard portfolio dashboard
  • Custom portfolio dashboard
  • Resource utilization analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Reporting API
  • Time tracking (manual or quick entry)
  • Custom time analysis
  • My timesheets view
  • Global roles (Admin, Members, Limited members, Read-only members)
  • Inviting guests with limited rights
  • Individual editing rights for projects
  • Individual editing rights for tasks
  • Export different list views to Excel
  • Import tasks from Excel
  • Print views
  • Custom logo for printed output
  • Admin center for member management
  • Microsoft Teams (Office Store app)
  • Microsoft Power Automate (1,000+ integrations/automations)
  • SAP (multiple modules)
  • Open REST API
  • Reporting API
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory

More features are added every month. Check out our release updates for the latest features!
Or our public roadmap for future features.

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