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smenso project management software brings your entire team together to plan, execute, track and collaborate on a wide variety of projects. Organize projects more easily, track project status and goals, and lead them to success.

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Project management functions

Your projects are best supported with smenso


Improve communication in the project

Enter comments on a task or status report.

Use @mentions to make project members aware of specific things.

Share file attachments to always have all information about the project at hand.

Thanks to in-app and, if desired, email notifications, you'll never miss an update again.


Everything at a glance

The dashboard gives you an always up-to-date overview of all important project metrics in one place.

Various widgets for the project status, master data, tasks, resources, costs, efforts and much more help you to always keep an overview.

Plan projects with your team digitally, quickly and easily with one tool. Try smenso for free.


Always up to date

With a glance at the project feed, you can always see what happened last in the project - you can see the same in any task.

smenso project management software always gives you updates when something happens in tasks you follow or are responsible for.


Save time with templates

Save templates for frequently used tasks, e.g. meeting minutes, or epics in software projects.

Pre-capture any content in templates, from pre-filled subtasks, texts, deadlines, priorities to custom fields.

So you never have to recreate repetitive tasks again!


Resource utilization in the timeline

Plan tasks in your projects visually in the timeline.

Deposit capacities of your team.

Record at a glance the workload of the participants and responsible persons in the project and solve bottlenecks quickly by drag & drop.

Plan projects with your team digitally, quickly and easily with one tool. Try smenso for free.


Statusupdates deluxe

Provide regular status updates to all stakeholders on project progress, deadlines, or potential issues.

Supplement status updates with images and documents and provide insight into status history.

Add project or customer logos for print output.


Create the perfect workflow

Every project is different. Organize your project with individual workflows and statuses.

View your project as you wish with list, board or timeline view and visualize all data in an easy way.

If desired, store releases of status changes in order to have better control over work processes.

Projectmanagement software

Why use project management software?

Using a project management software offers decisive advantages for your projects: Planning, administration and organization of your team are productively supported and every team member works together with one tool. With smenso project management software, you can keep track of your team’s project status and work, share project-specific files and information, and keep everyone up-to-date.

Other use cases

Project Management

Master data, deadlines, costs, status, stakeholders, risks, applications sounds like daily business to you? Then smenso is the right place for you!

Portfolio Management

Increase the success of the company by carrying out the projects that bring the greatest benefit.

Work Management

Digitize business processes and workflows in your company by mapping all topics that you previously managed in lists or manually in smenso.

OKR Management

Define and achieve your goals using the OKR method in smenso.

Agile Management

When your projects are constantly changing and you're constantly getting new requirements, you need a tool that makes this as fast as fetching a coffee.

Risik Management

Identify risks and manage them in a targeted manner for a successful project.

Task Management

Manage all your tasks for all areas in smenso. This way you have everything in one place and can identify bottlenecks. Plan your tasks and those of your team graphically in the timeline and achieve your goals!

Location independence

With smenso, it doesn't matter if you work in the same office, building, location or country. You and your team have all the power of smenso available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Demand management

Leverage the innovative power of the team and develop ideas into projects that improve the success of the company

PM Methods

No matter if you need the Earned Value Method according to PMI, deliverables according to PRINCE2 or competence areas according to GPM/IPMA. With smenso you can map the processes of any method and use our templates to do so.

Product roadmap

Plan your product roadmap graphically and with ease so your customers are excited!


Integrate the tools you already use

Accelerate your workflow and connect your existing business apps with smenso Cloud. Get SAP data, log in with single sign-on with your Microsoft 365 account, access your smenso projects directly from Microsoft Teams, and much more.

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