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Functions in construction project management

We have packed all our experience from over a decade of construction project management software into a completely new concept and implemented even the most complicated processes around master data, cost planning, orders, etc. with smenso. With this approach and together with the other use cases that can be mapped with smenso, processes are created that not only support the pure construction processes, but revolutionize the entire workflow in the company.
Construction management

Construction master data

Master data form the basis of construction projects. All relevant information about the project is recorded here.

Create project profiles, which you can enrich with logo, images and important information from the master data or the cost calculation.

Construction management

Real Estate


Properties or buildings are managed centrally with all their master data.


Easily link properties or buildings to the relevant projects.


Control planned/actual costs or depreciation of the individual projects via the properties.

Plane construction projects with your team all digitally, quickly and easily with one tool. Try smenso for free.
Construction management

construction dates / milestones

An integrated schedule that can automatically control the phases and that ensures the distribution of costs over the years provides the time component.

The simple and practical approach ensures that the project management can concentrate on its main task: Building, and not on maintaining the schedule.

Construction management

Cost / area planning

Cost planning is one of the central tasks in construction project management.

Costs can be planned from coarse to fine via cost groups (DIN 276) or award units, or also calculated via volume and area values.

The progression through the various project phases ensures transparency regarding the cost development or supplementary construction documents.

Construction management

Construction diary / Meeting

The most important events on the construction site are recorded and documented in the construction diary.

Practical: Due to the mobile availability of smenso, you can add photos that you take with your cell phone directly to the construction diary.

The diary can be exported as a PDF and customized with your company's logo.

Construction management

Orders / Supplements / Invoices

In order to always know which contractor provides or can invoice which services, all orders, supplements and invoices are created in smenso.

For those who already use a working system for this purpose, we provide a smart integration for e.g. SAP.

Construction management

Cost tracking / evaluation

All information from cost planning, orders and awards converge in cost tracking. Excess/shortfall costs are mapped here in the same way as the control of the budget, cost target or cost ceiling.

Using the smenso Reporting API, all data can also be synchronized with Excel to create your own reports in Excel.

Construction management

Portfolio construction budget / investment planning

With the investment planning view, you can see across all projects which budgets are planned or due in which years and can thus manage your construction portfolio in a targeted manner.

… these are just a few use cases. There are many more possibilities to make your construction projects more successful and productive with smenso. We would be happy to show you all features in a personal demo appointment. Just contact us or start your test phase with smenso directly.

Construction management

Why should I use smenso in construction?
The tasks are so diverse that they cannot be controlled with lists and mails or a new tool can be procured for each special task. smenso is the right tool here.

Other industries that use smenso

Civil Engineering

Plan investments and monitor budgets and deadlines. Control complex processes around master data, costs and orders in an agile cloud platform.

Service provider

Use smenso to better manage your projects, monitor your team's resource utilization, report on the status of your project, maintain times and much more.


Digitization in healthcare is an essential component for competitiveness in this sensitive area. Implement your projects and organizational processes in one platform.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Create and manage your M&A activities with ease. Set workflows and successfully close M&A deals. From initial pitch, document review, offer, due diligence, contracts, closing and post-merger - all in one platform.


Integrate the tools you already use

Accelerate your workflow and connect your existing business apps with smenso Cloud. Get SAP data, log in with single sign-on with your Microsoft 365 account, access your smenso projects directly from Microsoft Teams, and much more.
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