Digitization in healthcare

Implement the Hospital Future Act and invest in the digitalization of project and organizational processes – all only with smenso.

Challenges in healthcare

To remain competitive, processes, documents, findings and procedures must be digitized and established throughout the team. These change projects are a major challenge for everyone involved, as the patient must not be shortchanged.

In this area of tension, cross-departmental projects are carried out, which affect the doctors, nursing staff, IT and administration. In most cases, external companies are also involved in the projects.

For these projects to be successful, it is necessary that all project participants are informed and sensitized about the tasks and due dates. This is because success is usually tied to precise procedures and tests that those involved must adhere to. If an important test is not performed, the project is usually postponed by several weeks or months.

Functions that support you

Use smenso to improve your health management projects


Simple portfolio structure

Map your portfolio as you need it, flat or hierarchical, no problem.

By integrating additional classifications, you can evaluate your projects the way you want.

Thanks to the intelligent milestone and schedule control, you can identify delays across projects and take targeted corrective action without having to know all the project plans in detail.


All stakeholders on board


Distribute all tasks to stakeholders so that everyone is aware of the tasks.


Thanks to the integrated historization of the data, you will never again lose track of a shift and you will always have an overview of the issues.

Plan projects with your team digitally, quickly and easily with one tool. Try smenso for free.


Integrate specialist departments

With the help of classifications you can always find and control the tasks of the different departments, such as surgery, neurology, cardiology, nursing, IT, etc..


Give feedback

Create polls and get opinions from the team.

If someone has not yet done his tasks, you can give him a friendly hint via a @mention. So topics are not forgotten and it is documented in the system.

… these are just a few features. There are many more ways to make your healthcare projects more successful and productive with smenso. We would be happy to show you all the features in a personal demo appointment. Just contact us or start your test phase with smenso directly.

smenso for your industry

Why use smenso
in healthcare?

The tasks are so diverse that they cannot be controlled with lists and e-mails or a new tool can be procured for each special task. smenso is the right tool here for efficient and successful work.

Other industries that use smenso

Civil Engineering

Plan investments and monitor budgets and deadlines. Control complex processes around master data, costs and orders in an agile cloud platform.

Service provider

Use smenso to better manage your projects, monitor your team's resource utilization, report on the status of your project, maintain times and much more.


Digitization in healthcare is an essential component for competitiveness in this sensitive area. Implement your projects and organizational processes in one platform.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Create and manage your M&A activities with ease. Set workflows and successfully close M&A deals. From initial pitch, document review, offer, due diligence, contracts, closing and post-merger - all in one platform.


Integrate the tools you already use

Accelerate your workflow and connect your existing business apps with smenso Cloud. Get SAP data, log in with single sign-on with your Microsoft 365 account, access your smenso projects directly from Microsoft Teams, and much more.

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