Efficient software development

Organize your entire development with smenso. Plan epics and sprints, track bugs and feature requests and communicate transparently and easily within the team. Make product releases easy and successful.

These teams manage their projects with smenso

Functions for the development

Development teams are excellently supported by smenso

Software development

Product backlog

Plan work for development and/or your team via a backlog.

Configure custom fields (flavors) for professional evaluation and prioritization of the backlog

Design products with epics, break them down to user stories and plan them in regular sprints.

Software development



Create sprints at an interval you define, taking previously defined user stories/tickets from the backlog into the sprint.

Work on the sprint with your team and monitor progress to ensure desired results are delivered.

Plan software projects with your team digitally, quickly and easily with one tool. Try smenso for free.
Software development


Classify your tickets with configurable types.

Use the full functionality of our task details, describe tasks in detail and add screenshots, mockups or other files.

Set responsibilities and deadlines and use comments and notifications for improved communication throughout the sprint.

Software development


Monitor the progress of your development with defined graphs and KPIs.

Conduct a retrospective after each sprint to learn from past mistakes or problems for the future.

… these are just a few use cases. There are many more ways to make software development more successful and productive with smenso. We would be happy to show you all features in a personal demo appointment. Just contact us or start your test phase with smenso directly.

smenso for your team

Why use smenso in software development?
The tasks in software development and your development team are so diverse that they cannot be managed with lists and e-mails only or a new tool can be procured for each special task. smenso is the right tool for you.

Other teams using smenso

Project Management

Master data, deadlines, costs, status, stakeholders, risks, applications sounds like daily business to you? Then smenso is the right place for you!

Human Resources Management

From the recruiting process to the onboarding of new team members: With smenso, you can optimally map human resources.

Project Management Office

smenso supports you perfectly as a PMO when it comes to setting up and developing project management processes.

Software development

Software development can also be controlled more easily than with Jira: Use smenso for prioritizing the backlog, epics, stories, feature requests or bugs. We do it as well ?


Manage your sales process from first lead to close, plan successful campaigns and always keep track of your sales opportunities and contacts.

Product Management

smenso is the easiest solution for product managers. Plan product roadmaps and make product launches a breeze.


smenso is the best tool for the marketing team. Set the strategy, turn it into concrete plans and implement campaigns - all in one platform.


smenso is the best tool for the marketing team. Set the strategy, turn it into concrete plans and implement campaigns - all in one platform.

IT Department

Accelerate your IT projects to drive digital transformation, manage internal support, and more.

Operational business processes

Simplify operational business processes with smenso, shorten paths and response times, and increase efficiency.


smenso is the perfect tool to map financial planning and cost controlling. With Excel-like table functions and formulas, there are no limits to creativity.


smenso is the work management software for the entire company. Promote collaboration across time and location, securely and DSGVO compliant.


Integrate the tools you already use

Accelerate your workflow and connect your existing business apps with smenso Cloud. Get SAP data, log in with single sign-on with your Microsoft 365 account, access your smenso projects directly from Microsoft Teams, and much more.
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