Chaos and Creativity: A Look Behind the Scenes of Project Management in the Carnival Club.

Sven Flätchen


27. July 2023


Reading time: 4 min.
Helau and Alaaf! Dear jesters and carnival enthusiasts, are you ready for a wild ride through the world of project management in the carnival club? As we approach November 11th, we’ll immerse ourselves in the dazzling world of confetti catastrophes, costume creations, and unforgettable parades. But we won’t just talk about fun and creativity; we’ll also explore the fantastic smenso, taking project management in the carnival club to a whole new level.
Projekte im Karnevalsverein

A Carnival Club and Its Projects

Welcome, dear readers, to a blog article of a different kind! Today, we’ll take you on a turbulent journey into the world of projects and project management in the carnival club. Get ready to be surprised by the adventures, challenges, and, above all, the fun we experience on this colorful path. Immerse yourself in a world of costumes, confetti, and creative minds!

An Abundance of Project Ideas

In the carnival club, ideas for new projects abound. From elaborate float-building projects to spectacular costume designs – everything is possible here! But how do we decide on the right project? We’ll introduce you to the most peculiar ideas and how they are discussed and selected during an extraordinary general meeting.

The Planning – Or Lack Thereof

Project management in the carnival club means being flexible and prepared for surprises. Just when a project is chosen, the requirements change, and the planning gets turned upside down. But fear not, we’ve learned to handle chaos and make the best of it. After all, carnival is the time for spontaneous merriment!

The Implementation – Behind the Scenes

This is where the creativity and craftsmanship of our members come into play. From float-building to costume design, there’s a lot of crafting, sewing, and building going on. But even here, it’s not always smooth sailing. There are days when seams burst, paint doesn’t dry, or the confetti ends up everywhere except where it’s supposed to be. But who says perfection is the goal? We laugh at the little mishaps and just keep going!

Teamwork and Togetherness

Projects in the carnival club are all about teamwork. There’s nothing better than working together towards a goal and supporting each other in the process. Whether it’s the president, the humorous speaker, or the dancer – everyone has their role and contributes to the success of the project. Not only do friendships form here, but lifelong memories are created as well.

The Big Day – Alaaf!

After weeks, sometimes even months, of preparation, the day has finally arrived: the carnival parade! With proud hearts, we present our projects to the public. The beaming faces of the audience are the best reward for all the effort and dedication we put into our projects. And when the confetti rains down and the music plays, the carnival bliss is complete!

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Projekte im Karnevalsverein

Efficient Project Management with smenso

In the carnival club, where a multitude of projects arise, efficient and time-saving planning is of great importance. This is where the tool smenso comes into play, perfectly suited for all types of projects. From planning the carnival season to meetings, various events, training camps, or the creation and execution of club newspapers – smenso provides a centralized project base, offering all project participants an overview of the project’s status at any time.

As most individuals in the carnival club are volunteers, dedicating their free time to realizing projects, time is often scarce. With smenso, projects can be efficiently and time-effectively implemented. The tool enables the definition of templates for recurring events, adaptable from session to session. This typically saves up to 90% of the usual planning time!

The features of smenso significantly facilitate project management in the carnival club.

Here are some of the useful features:

  • Centralized Project Base:
    All relevant information, such as project goals, tasks, deadlines, and resources, is collected in one place. This allows all project participants to access the most current information and stay informed about the project’s status.
  • Task Management:
    Smenso enables the creation, assignment, and prioritization of tasks. Each project participant knows precisely which tasks need to be completed and which deadlines to meet. This streamlines collaboration and avoids misunderstandings.
  • Time Planning:
    Coordinating the scheduling of meetings, rehearsals, or events can be managed with smenso. The tool offers a clear calendar function to enter all dates. The automatic notification feature reminds all participants in advance of upcoming events.
  • Document Management:
    A carnival club generates numerous documents, such as choreographies for dance groups, scripts for humorous speeches, or the design of the club newspaper. With smenso, all relevant documents can be stored in one place and made accessible to all project participants. This facilitates collaboration and prevents confusion caused by different versions.
  • Communication and Collaboration:
    The integrated communication and collaboration features of smenso enable project participants to communicate, exchange ideas, and work together seamlessly. Whether in the form of comments, chats, or discussion forums – collaboration is made effective and uncomplicated.

With smenso, project management in the carnival club is revolutionized. It eases the planning, organization, and execution of projects in a time where every minute counts. Thanks to the centralized project base and efficient features, members of the club can focus on what truly matters: having fun and bringing the carnival to life!


Projects in the carnival club are colorful and exciting affairs. Thanks to the tool smenso, project management becomes even more vibrant and efficient. From planning the carnival season to implementing various projects, smenso provides a centralized project base and useful features to save time and facilitate collaboration. This leaves more time for what truly matters: having fun during carnival! Alaaf and Helau!

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