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Philipp Riermeier

#OMR22 Recap

Our team consisting of Marco, Kelly, Sven and me attended the mega event in Hamburg with its our own booth this year and I would like to tell you about my impressions!

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structure projects
Sven Flätchen

What actually is a project?

The working world loves the term “project” and likes to put into it everything that might otherwise sound too mundane. So we ask ourselves the question, what is a project? smenso clarifies.

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Marco De Tullio

Why smenso?

You’re probably wondering why the world needs yet another project management software? Can’t you organize projects in the new “all-rounder tool” Microsoft Teams? Or as always, with Microsoft Project and Excel? What are the USP’s of smenso compared to the other tools? And what is smenso in the first place?

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